Schedule epoxy floor coating services in Pierson or Grand Rapids, MI

Do you want to give your garage, basement, or patio floor a metallic look without breaking the bank? Bull Epoxy Solutions has you covered. We offer epoxy basement floor coating in the Pierson & Grand Rapids, MI area. Our high-gloss, US-sourced, 100% solid epoxy and polyaspartic floor coatings will transform the look of your basement. When we're finished, your floor will have a distinctive metallic appearance. More importantly, it will resist grease, oils, solvents, moisture and skid marks.

We also offer quartz and flake designs. Call us today at 616-894-7720 to schedule epoxy basement floor coating services.

Here's why epoxy coating is a great idea for your garage floor

Having your garage floors epoxy coated will benefit your property in several ways. Our epoxy garage floor coating services will help you:

  • Save money: You won't have to shell out funds for future repairs.
  • Boost your home's value: Your garage floors will have a stylish, custom look.
  • Make your floors tougher: Our products are formulated for durability, to ensure a long-lasting surface.

Our services are also available for pole barns, patios and pool decks. Contact us now to arrange for epoxy garage floor coating services.

3 step process

1 Grind/seal/clean pad:

We stand by delivering the most premium floor coating products possible. This starts with a full restoration of your dirty, damaged slab. Our service includes a full surface grind and seal of all cracks/hairline fractures/gouges with waterproof and flexible Polyurethane. This is followed by a light grind and an extensive cleaning process, all completed with our state of the art equipment. This ensures our premium flooring products maintain adhesion for generations!

2. Multiple base coats:

When it comes to body coats, Bulls' dedicated team doesn't cut any corners. We always recommend a moisture resistant prime coat on every job or a MVB (Moisture Vapor Barrier) if our certified moisture encounter testing equipment deems it necessary. This ensures maximum odds the floor lasts a full lifetime. We use the most premium 100% solids products and ensure to lay down a thick body coat before we fully broadcast flake/quartz. By doing this we maximize the overall strength and integrity of the end surface!

3. Broadcast and topcoat:

At Bull Epoxy Solutions LLC, we come to every full broadcast fully prepared. Commonly, we will bring 30-50% more material than we need on a full broadcast and we will apply the material until complete rejection of any remaining visible epoxy. This ensures a thick even coat of high quality material. After curing, remaining material will be scraped and vacuum off. Multiple passes are always done to ensure no high spots. Once completed a high performance UV resistant Polyasparic is applied and can be driven on in as little as 24 hours! This is a very tough, flexible, long lasting material ideal for garages, barns, commercial buildings, outdoor patios and more!