Choose a metallic finish for your epoxy flooring in Pierson, MI

Adding a metallic finish to your concrete floors can transform them from basic to beautiful. If you want to choose from a variety of metallic epoxy flooring options for your floors, work with Bull Epoxy Solutions in Pierson, MI. We use Torginol metallic finishes that are pearlescent, iridescent and translucent special effect pigments. These pigments can replicate the natural look of stone and rock formations.

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5 advantages of the Torginol metallic pigment systems

Ready to upgrade your concrete floors? We can install a top-of-the-line metallic finish. Some of the advantages of the Torginol metallic epoxy flooring systems include:

  1. Exceptional light fastness and weather resistance
  2. Original artistic design effects
  3. Pearlescent and metallic luster
  4. Multi-dimensional color effects
  5. High-temperature resistance
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