Get FLAKE epoxy flooring in Pierson, MI

Torginol FLAKE flooring is made from a combination of long-lasting and colorful materials. It can be a great addition to any concrete floor. If you want to add FLAKE floors to your property, turn to Bull Epoxy Solutions in Pierson, MI. We offer over 150 color styles and six standardized sizes that you can choose from to create a custom design for your new floors.

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Discover the benefits of FLAKE flooring

You can't go wrong by choosing FLAKE flooring for your garage or patio. FLAKE flooring is a popular option because...

  • It's non-flammable
  • It is easily customizable
  • It uses colorfast, UV-stable pigments
  • It comes in a wide range of colors and styles
  • Its unique texture provides anti-slip qualities
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    Signature Blends

    marble FLAKE






    Glitter Accents

    Hybrid stone


    Solid colors

    Enhancement Additives